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“Turning tables with the belief of Hard work pays off “ – Baazigar Meena


It is well said and proved that there is no shortcuts for hard work to achieve success in your goals and living you dreams ; coating again the same line by his own live example here is Baazigar Meena born & brought up in Rajasthan and Mumbai. Baazigar was born on 29th of june 1998 .

His interests are cricket and snooker and has even won numerous awards and championships in the same fields.

He loves to travel and he is extremely passionate about traveling and exploring new places all around the world. He primarily belongs to a normal family and faced many problems in his way to accomplishing his dreams. He worked as a serial entrepreneur for a long time other than that he even worked as a motivational speaker

He currently owns many businesses and says that he is inspired by many young rising talents of the industry. He is the owner of Keshav Group & RK Group of industries

He gives a message to the young aspiring talents and other people who face difficulties in their way to accomplish their dreams, he says that their is no shortcut to make money believe in yourself and work hard and smarter in order to achieve their goals successfully.

It is all around said and demonstrated that their is no alternate routes for hard work to make progress in your objectives and living you dreams ; His inclinations are cricket and snooker and has even won various honours and titles in the equivalent fields. He loves to travel and is amazingly energetic about voyaging and investigating new places all around the globe. He essentially has a place with a typical family and confronted numerous issues in his manner to achieving his fantasies.

He functioned as a sequential business visionary for quite a while other than that he filled in as a persuasive orator. He right now claims numerous organizations and says that he is roused by numerous youthful rising gifts of the business.

He gives a message to the youthful hopeful abilities and others who face troubles in their manner to achieve their fantasies, he says that their is no easy route to bring in cash have faith in yourself and try sincerely and more astute to accomplish their objectives effectively.


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